Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Fairy Tale Were Told As Children...

As a child and even now as an adult, we all read the books and watch the films where a damsel in distress meets a handsome Prince and they fall in love. We are made to believe that this is how it happens in real life but the reality is, its far from true. So why are we told these stories?
In my opinion it's so we still have hope that a happy ending can happen for each of us, even after we find out what a cruel world it is. But aren't we just setting ourselves up for disappointment when we realise we won't get a happy ending like the fairy tales.
I always believed there was a thing as 'true love' and 'the one'. That you would find this person and you love them like no other and no will ever compare to them. Well I've been madly in love and care deeply for this person so does that mean I will never have love again, will I not meet 'the one', have I had my one chance at true love and lost it?
All these questions have been going through my head lately and am wondering what this means for my love life. No one should settle less than they deserve. I want a romance like the movies show us but the reality is that this doesn't happen often. So how do I go about meeting my future husband. I don't want to be obsessed with finding him, yet at the same time I don't want to sit back and miss him.
It irritates me that were made to believe there's one person for everyone. I no longer think this is true. We will love before we met our perfect partner and there's a chance we'll love after them.
Love is everywhere and won't be found in just one person!
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