Monday, 4 April 2011

Another Weekend...

This has been another eventful weekend. I was out on Friday as I usually am. I can normally been found in my local pubs on Fridays. Well I had said I wasn't going to drink on Friday as I work on Saturdays. This I changed my mind when I got out, well it wasn't all my chose. I was bought a drink when I got the 1st pub and then when I arrived at the second my friend had bought me a bottle of wine. It was a great night. I was introduced to a guy and we have been talking since. So watch this space...
I was out in the city on Saturday night with the girls for a friends birthday. As normal we all got ready at one house and had a few drinks before we went out. It was a fab night, we totally danced the night away. We were all so busy dancing that we didn't even drink when we was out. You don't need to drink lots when your out, its all about who your with and having a good time.
I would like to the wonderful friends and people I met this weekend for making it a weekend to remember. Love ya all x

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