Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lots Of New Potential Boyfriends

I havent been about to blog since my last blog as you can tell from the title I have met a few potential boyfriends. When I say I've met a few guys I mean 10 guys in total. Am suprised myself at how many guys are interested in me. I don't think I have ever had this many guys all at the same time. Maybe I've turned from the ugly duckling until the beautiful swan.
Even though I do have a lot of guys interested in me, it doesn't mean am interested in all of them. Infact I only actually like one of them and see myself been with someone like him in the future. I have always said to my friends that when I meet the right guy I will know instantly and I did know from the second I saw him. We had grown up together as children and when we got older we both got on with our own lives. We recently bumped into each other in the pub and have been in contact since. I think this guy definately has potential to be my future boyfriend.
Am not wanting to settle down with just one person though at the moment and (lets call him adam) adam is currently living a couple of hours away but will eventually be moving back to my town when he has completed his studying. For me this a great opportunity, I have someone that see myself maybe spending my life with but before we settle down we both to get have fun and live our lives how we want for another couple of years.
I am also talking to the other 9 guys as I dont want to rule anyone out just yet. I need to go out and have fun and met other guys so that when I do settle down I know its with the right person and that I made the right decision been with them. I don't want to settle down too young and then live my life thinking 'but what if I'd met someone else'. I know quite a few people that settled down young and they have grown to resent there partner as they feel like their missing out on life. It has also lead to many affairs some of which their partners have found out about and the only reason they stay together is because of houses and children they have together. To me this is how life should be, I know life isn't a fairy tale but staying with someone because its the safe option and would be completed to split up is not the way life should be. I felt like that with my ex, I thought it would be completed to leave him and everyone would hate me for messing things up but it turns out everyone supported me as know one wanted to see me spend my life with someone I didnt know anymore.
So by putting myself out there and having a good time I have a met lets of new guys. Its all about enjoying yourself and been happy then the rest falls into place easier.

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