Thursday, 17 March 2011

Well I finally signed up for internet dating... its so strange. I signed up 2 days ago. I had to fill all my details about my longest relationship, what am looking for, and my interested. Plus the usual height, hair colour, age...
Within 10 minutes of my profile live on the site, I had guys already emailing. I had about 20 guys contact me that me and only 2 of them appealed to me. I started talking to them guys but it just didn't feel right. Later that night I came across an old friend who is friends with my ex. I didn't want my ex to find out I was there so I blocked his friend. I don't want him to think am desperate, he will think its funny.
I stayed on the site until today. I had a lot of guys email me but none of them are what am looking for. I don't want to meet someone that way so I deleted my account today. Am really not sure what am looking for, so how can I expect to meet someone when I don't even know myself what I want.
The thing is I had everything I thought I wanted, the boyfriend, the house, my dream job but now am back to been single I have realised that isn't what I want. Its something I thought I wanted but I got it all at the tender age of 20 and now I don't want it.
The thing is when I had it I was happy but now I don't have it, I am the happiest I have ever been and everyone has noticed a difference. When things got serious all the dreams of travelling disappeared and I don't want that. I want to achieve my dreams and then settle down.
So I am no longer internet dating and I am going to achieve my dreams and start planning on travelling. :)

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