Tuesday, 1 March 2011

You Again...

The reason me and Ex split up was because I wasn't the girl for him. I found this out by finding him with another girl in my bed. The worst I could possible see and an image I can never erase from my mind.
I was with my friends recently when were talking and I was saying 'although am happy being single, I would find it hard seeing him with another girl.' My friend Emma started laughing and said 'you have already seen that, he was in bed with her.' I started laughing I never thought of it like that, I had already seen the thing that could hurt me the most so seeing him in the pub with someone else shouldn't bother me as much.
Today I saw him with another girl. It did hurt me and I felt like someone had just taken the wind out of me. I wasn't expecting to see him so it was a shock to see him and then to see him with another girl was even more of a shock.
The thing is that's the 2nd girl (or 3rd if you include me) that he is in a relationship with in the last 3 months. He's just going from girl to girl. Well he can date as many girls as he likes but he will never find anyone like me.
He can have as much meaningless sex as he likes but am going to find TRUE LOVE. True love does exist and it will take time and work to keep it but am going to find it :-)
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