Thursday, 3 March 2011

Internet Dating...

I haven't really thought much about internet dating as I am only 21 and consider it to be a last resort. But today one of my clients was telling me how she got back into dating after her 15 year relationship ended. She lost her confidence when it came to talking to new guys and flirting, which is understandable after spending so long with someone. And this is my problem, I don't no how to talk to guys and flirt, I am shy around new people.
I have never been on a proper date. Yes me and my ex did you go out but most of the time we was with other people so I never had them butterflies and nerves your get when you go meet someone for the 1st time by yourself. I think this is what scares me about meeting someone on the internet because when you meet someone on a night out or through friends, you have already seen them and know you get along face to face but it could be a complete disaster if you've never met them before.
I have also thought internet dating was for losers that couldn't meet anyone but lets face it, I am one of them, I haven't met anyone that I like yet. I was told that it can give you a right confidence boost talking to these guys and meeting up with them for a coffee. A confidence boost is what I really need at moment especially seeing my ex with another girl. How does he do it?!?! I want to find it as easy as him to meet someone else.
Well I am going on a couple of nights this weekend and then amsterdam the weekend after. I think if I haven't met anyone by the time I get back, I am going to sign up on the dating websites. Whats the worst that can happen?!?!

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